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The dog days of August are officially upon us, so what better way to celebrate than with ten tales of varying darkness?


My thoughts exactly. I realize you have questions, friend. I do too. Here, hopefully, are some answers:

Like Life Itself: Ten Short Stories will be full-on free for Kindle users between the dates of August 5th and August 7th, 2015. The first tale, as always, is available for preview here. Simply click on the aptly-named Look Inside thingie and treat yourself to heapin’ helpin’s of creepy gross stuff.

Things lighten up from there. Sort of. If you don’t mind a workplace massacre, a returning wounded warrior denied by his lover, and a man carefully and efficiently planning his suicide. Good times!

But there’s some light at the end of the tunnel. The last story is tangentially baseball-related.

To reiterate: Like Life Itself will be free between August 5th and 7th. The sale is set to begin at 8am PDT (11am EDT). Set your cellphone alarms accordingly. Personally, I’m partial to the rooster one.



My short story collection, Like Life Itself: Ten Short Stories went live today in Amazon Kindle format. Since I have the attention span and organizational skills of a meth-addled adolescent squirrel, the collection’s pretty eclectic. I felt like I had to arrange the stories under some kind of theme, so I went with: Horror, Purgatory, and Hope. I figure everybody’s life is approximately three parts pain and despair, four parts waiting around at the DMV, and another three parts squinting at the light at the end of the tunnel. That works out to 30/40/30, or, as I see it, the Balance Bar of Existence™.  I’m sure there are some genuine good times mixed in there, too. But hey. It’s Black Friday. Only dark stories need apply.

I went with a cover from the same company that supplied the A World Gone Gray cover. I wish there was some deep meaning behind it, but there really isn’t. I just thought it looked cool. Although, the lonely chair in the corner fits in nicely with the limbo/purgatory/DMV theme of the middle four stories.

As always, you can check the book out by searching Amazon or clicking the link above. And, as always, a more detailed description and the first 10% (in this case, the entire first story) of the book is a free preview. Decide for yourself whether or not it sucks, then proceed accordingly.

By the way, the first story features a guy who thinks centipedes are living inside his head. So I guess I’m trying to say it’s not for the kids. But c’mon, adults. You know you wanna look.