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If you’re like me, you’ve spent the past couple months curled up in a corner, begging God and Baby Rudolph to please make the holiday season go away. If, however, you’re a normal, well-adjusted member of Western society, you’ve been running around like a crazy person since All Hallow’s Eve, stretching your nerves and your credit cards to the limit in order to make Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa just so. I both pity and envy you.

Anyhoo, I’d like to reward you all for your hard work (and help ease the pain of next month’s bills) by offering unprecedented savings on my humble scribblin’s through New Year’s Day. Use the special coupon codes below and save 67-75% on each (or every!) one of my unique little snowflakes at Smashwords. Just 99ยข apiece!


A WORLD GONE GRAY COMPLETED DESIGN200x300px 112,000 words of epic apocalyptic Sci-Fi. Just $3.99 $0.99 when you use coupon code NQ95H.

LIKE LIFE ITSELF COMPLETED DESIGN200x300px Ten dark tales, a few of which have some light at the end of the tunnel. A mere $2.99 $0.99 with code JP77W.

TransienceOriginal 79,000 words of unconventional Rom-Com! Only $2.99 $0.99 using coupon code EY83H.

SIGNAL FIRE COMPLETED DESIGN_thumbnail 95,000 words of apocalyptic Sci-Fi. First of a planned two-part series. $2.99 $0.99 when you use code GQ98Y.


All coupons good through January 1, 2015.

As always, a sincere thanks for your patronage. Best of wishes to you and yours in 2015!



Since I went all verbose on ya’ll in my last post, I’ll keep this one short and sweet.

November, compared to the previous month that shall not speak its name (mostly because it’s a month and by definition can’t), went better than I anticipated it would. Imagine, if you will, my total sales were represented by fingers. One could conceivably (a) flash the peace sign, or (b) flip the double-bird, depending upon one’s current state of mind. For the sake of humanity, I hope one envisioned the former.

Anyhoo, I always get a kick out of selling books in OTA (Other Than America) countries, and I was pleased to sell one of the above-mentioned (albeit cryptically) copies of A World Gone Gray in the UK. The other sale of AWGG went to the US, as have the majority of my overall sales. Let the rivalry begin.

On the social media front, I sucked at blogging but rocked at Twitter. I know I need to pay more attention to the grind that is this blog thing, but Twitter is so fast and easy. I mean, look at the size of the Notifications on that one.

Honesty, I’m humbled to have sold two books to two (or one [jet-setting]) adventurous reader(s). It gives me the motivation to keep on keeping on, and it makes me want to write a better book next time. Sincere thanks.