October After-Action Review

Posted: November 1, 2014 in Self-publishing
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Let’s be honest, folks. October sucks. The entire month’s a blur of non-stop raking, complaining about the chill in the air, and cursing the birth of your favorite baseball team’s general manager. Sure, Halloween provides a sugar- and vandalism-fueled eleventh-hour respite. But otherwise? October is Suck City.

Speaking of suck, here are my sales numbers for the aforementioned month:





That wasn’t a glitch in the Matrix, and I didn’t pass out on the enter key; I simply failed to sell a single book during the entire month of October. Surprisingly, that’s my first shutout. As a semi-professional writer of fiction of questionable merit, I figured my first shutout would’ve come a half-year ago. At least. So in that respect, I consider myself lucky. On the other hand, I now know how every opposing batter felt while facing Madison Bumgarner last month. Helpless.

But October wasn’t a total failure. I received a nice four-star review of Like Life Itself (its first ever!) at Amazon UK on the first of the month, and picked up over 250 Twitter followers, which is awesome. I’ll never win the World’s Biggest Extrovert Award when some extrovert invents it, but I love discovering fellow writers in the Twitterverse and in Otherverses.

What does the future hold, you probably didn’t ask? I’m reevaluating Amazon, though their algorithms are obviously ten steps ahead of mine. After a hot start, my sales have been decidedly cold (see above) for the past nine months or so. Smashwords? Same story. I’m not quite ready to hit the Everything’s Free! panic button, but I fear I’m getting close. November will tell me a lot. I uploaded AWGG around Thanksgiving last year, so I’m (kinda) looking forward to the year-over-year sales numbers. We’ll see.

As always, thanks to everyone who took a look at my books. And huge thanks to the reader who reviewed my short story collection!




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