Due To Circumstances Beyond…Yeah, You Know The Rest

Posted: October 11, 2014 in Self-publishing
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The appearance of the above phrase typically indicates a death knell is about to be rung. A business is going out of business, a banana republic is collapsing under the weight of its own excess. Something like that. In my case, however, it just means I have to change a couple of release dates.

In a perfect world, my political satire/(allegedly) funny thing I Like Mike would be all wrapped up and ready for download into the device of your choice right now. It sort of is, but it lacks something. Specifically, a cover. “Sounds like an easy-to-solve problem,” you say. Well, respectfully, you ain’t me. It seems a monolithic entity that shares its name with a 1980s record label has taken it upon itself to siphon meaningful amounts of green, rectangular paper out of my bank account due to some long-forgotten transgression on my part. Fair enough. However, that means even more ramen-as-filler meals than usual on my part. Also, no book covers. They’re officially luxury items.

Signal Fire‘s sequel, Rift Valley, was originally scheduled for release just ahead of the holiday season. That also ain’t happening. Partially due to the reason noted here (↑), but mostly due to my own laziness and an hellacious case of writer’s block. I simply haven’t been writing consistently. The story’s right there in my head, I see it, but it’s been a rough go trying to translate it into 1s and 0s. But enough with the excuses.

Realistically, I see Rift Valley being complete and properly bundled-up by mid-February, 2015. I Like Mike? I was hoping to coincide its release with the mid-term elections here in the US. Obviously, oops. I’m not sure whether to trunk that thing until 2016 or submit it to actual literary agents and/or publishers in the meantime. We’ll see.




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