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Typically, autumn heralds a resurgence of meaningful baseball, poor kids in sad, cheap Halloween costumes, and polar vortices (remember when they were just called “dips in the jet stream?”). This Fall, however, I’m pleased to present a quartet of sweet deals, each guaranteed to be razor blade- and ebola-free:


A WORLD GONE GRAY COMPLETED DESIGN200x300px  112,000 words of epic end-of-the-world sci-fi for $3.99 $2.99 when you use Coupon Code ZE32P.


LIKE LIFE ITSELF COMPLETED DESIGN200x300px  Ten dark tales, just in time for Halloween. Use Coupon Code LG84Y and save 33%!


TransienceOriginal  Love, loss, life, death, old cars, octogenarians, and more! 79,000 words of rom-com for $2.99 $1.99! Use Coupon Code DN67K.


SIGNAL FIRE COMPLETED DESIGN_thumbnail  95,000 words worth of mysterious lights vs. trigger-happy humans. All yours for just $2.99 $1.99 when you use Coupon Code SM65C.


Coupons good through November 1st! Go forth and read!


The appearance of the above phrase typically indicates a death knell is about to be rung. A business is going out of business, a banana republic is collapsing under the weight of its own excess. Something like that. In my case, however, it just means I have to change a couple of release dates.

In a perfect world, my political satire/(allegedly) funny thing I Like Mike would be all wrapped up and ready for download into the device of your choice right now. It sort of is, but it lacks something. Specifically, a cover. “Sounds like an easy-to-solve problem,” you say. Well, respectfully, you ain’t me. It seems a monolithic entity that shares its name with a 1980s record label has taken it upon itself to siphon meaningful amounts of green, rectangular paper out of my bank account due to some long-forgotten transgression on my part. Fair enough. However, that means even more ramen-as-filler meals than usual on my part. Also, no book covers. They’re officially luxury items.

Signal Fire‘s sequel, Rift Valley, was originally scheduled for release just ahead of the holiday season. That also ain’t happening. Partially due to the reason noted here (↑), but mostly due to my own laziness and an hellacious case of writer’s block. I simply haven’t been writing consistently. The story’s right there in my head, I see it, but it’s been a rough go trying to translate it into 1s and 0s. But enough with the excuses.

Realistically, I see Rift Valley being complete and properly bundled-up by mid-February, 2015. I Like Mike? I was hoping to coincide its release with the mid-term elections here in the US. Obviously, oops. I’m not sure whether to trunk that thing until 2016 or submit it to actual literary agents and/or publishers in the meantime. We’ll see.




September turned out to be much more productive than August. Honestly though, I could’ve spent the past thirty days in the fetal position in a corner of my choosing and still raised August’s bar. However, it turns out that more effort equals more success in (some aspects) of the ebook slangin’ game. Who’da thunk it? Success, in this case, is a very (very) relative term. But I did manage to double my month-to-month sales.

Before you name your first-born after me, I have to admit we’re dealing with small numbers here. As in one and two. One and two are perfectly fine when you’re learning to two-step, but they ain’t so great when you’re trying to sell your fiction of questionable merit to readers with undeniable standards. To the two of you (or globetrotting one of you) who gambled on the final 90% of my books not sucking, sincere thanks. Also, I sincerely hope you’re not disappointed.

Non-sales-wise, I managed to make inroads on the Twitter front. My laziness the last couple of months left me stalled-out at around 1,250 followers, but I made a point of spending a few hours after work (and on weekends) every day on that Mom and Pop start-up site throughout (most of) September. Long-term results are yet to be determined, but I’m now safely over 1,500 followers. Most of that probably has to do with my lazy Luddite self discovering Twitter’s 2,000 “following” threshold, then going back into the dark ages and unfollowing the unfollowers I followed when I first signed up. That, and me discovering the retweet button.

If you followed any of that, you’re better at Twitter than I am. I’d totally follow you. Basically, I’m replacing all (okay, most) of those celebrities* (and bots, and popular random Internet folks, etc.) who are never going to follow me with readers who may be interested in my work and writers who are in the same leeward-leaning boat as me, the one taking on a bit of water and heading straight for that thundercloud.

Twitter (and the social media universe in general) is a weird and occasionally wonderful place. To me, anyway. If anyone ever figures it out, please email me at my AOL address. It’s been very much a learning process thus far.


* — Except for Nancy Sinatra and Margaret Cho. They follow me and have therefore achieved awesomeness status.