June After-Action Review

Posted: July 1, 2014 in Self-publishing
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I’ve spent roughly half my life in southern California, so I’m familiar with June Gloom. It’s a meteorological phenomenon that causes fog to form offshore and eventually creep inland, enveloping places from Santa Barbara to San Ysidro in a persistent, depressing mist until noon or so. Up in San Francisco, they refer to this phenomenon as “Summer.” But I digress.

Sales-wise, June was persistently depressing for me, too. I was hoping the release of The Transience of Youth would introduce me to readers outside my usual (to this point, anyway) genre and spur sales of my other stuff. Exactly neither of those things happened; Transience hasn’t sold to anyone who didn’t contribute genetic material to me, and the rest of my work is performing the way the rest of my work has been performing for the past few months. Namely, meh.

All is not lost, however. A World Gone Gray continues to churn its way toward respectability. I only sold five copies, but they were in three different countries and via two different outlets, which tells me word about its existence seems to be getting out, at least on a limited basis. I wish I knew why it sells so much better than my other offerings. Is it the cover? The description? The (gasp!) content? Who knows. I’ll have to crunch the numbers (like that’ll happen), but I think I sold my 100th copy of AWGG this month. A very sincere thanks to all who have spent their hard-earned cash on my scribblings.

I also do Twitter. And no, that isn’t the name of a stripper at that seedy place out by the airport. It’s that social media thing I’ve been trying to get the hang of for the past half-year or so. And since I’m equally bad at the social thing and the media thing, you can see my conundrum. Somehow, I’ve managed to attract almost 1,200 followers, which is cool. Twitter (the global social media site, not the stripper) threw me a curve the other day by informing me that I’d hit the seemingly-random threshold of 2,000 folks followed. Apparently, users need a socially media-acceptable ratio of followers-to-followed before they’re cleared to breach the 2K mark. This policy serves two purposes: It a) weeds out spammers, and b) makes me feel incredibly unpopular. So thanks.

I mentioned in my last post that I’ve taken $1 off each of my books at Smashwords until July 4th, provided you use the coupon codes provided here.

Kindly go forth and save!


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