Here, There Be Bargains

Posted: June 28, 2014 in Self-publishing
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Well, it’s that time of the month again.

Obviously, I’m talking about the last gasp of a 28-, 30-, or 31- (okay, sometimes 29-) day chunk of time conveniently standardized by the good folks at Gregorian, Inc. lo these many years ago. June is preparing to become July, and I’m preparing to take a financial hit in exchange for a couple eleventh-hour sales before this sixth month of the year comes to a close. In that spirit, I’m offering a dollar off each of my offerings at Smashwords.

“Only a dollar?” you ask.

“Yes,” I say. “But a dollar equals 25%-33% off when you translate it into math and stuff.”

“My hero!”

Coupon codes and links below:


A WORLD GONE GRAY COMPLETED DESIGN200x300px Regular price $3.99. Use coupon code ZL78Q.


TransienceOriginal Regular price $2.99. Use coupon code YM84F.


LIKE LIFE ITSELF COMPLETED DESIGN200x300px Regular price $2.99. Use coupon code VC86J.


SIGNAL FIRE COMPLETED DESIGN_thumbnail Regular price $2.99. Use coupon code AB26F.


Since I’m a patriotic sort, all coupons are valid through July 4, 2014. That’s almost an entire week of savings! Enjoy.



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