The Transience of Youth Now Available!

Posted: June 14, 2014 in Self-publishing
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Just in case you’re among the handful of Earth’s denizens who missed my “official” announcement on Twitter at 4:11 EDT Friday morning, here’s a a little more info:

The Transience of Youth is now available in ebook format for the Amazon Kindle. It consists of approximately 79,000 words, retails for $2.99 (US Dollars), and concerns the plight of one Steve Hansen. Here’s the description from the Amazon page (which I’ll probably obsessively edit over the course of the next month or so):

“Unlucky in both love and living arrangements, grad student and aspiring writer Steve Hansen retains a lawyer with questionable ethics and finagles his way into an idyllic senior community. His dreams of peace and quiet quickly evaporate, however, when he finds himself the target of a vengeful leasing agent, her maintenance crew minions, and the vast majority of his new neighbors.

Former Hollywood screenwriter and resident curmudgeon George Campbell takes pity on Steve, and the two become reluctant friends. The politically-incorrect octogenarian dispenses advice on women, dating, and life in general, and Steve repays George with cheap labor and companionship. Before long, Steve is wooing the woman of his dreams and learning valuable lessons about earning one’s keep in the world.

The Transience of Youth is a 79,000-word work of humorous romantic fiction. It contains a fair amount of profanity and crude language.”

So there it be.

And I’m serious about the profanity and crude language. It ain’t exactly Glengarry Glen Ross, but my characters are fiendishly familiar with the F-word. A completely unscientific study on my part yielded approximately 50 of the little buggers. So be warned: there’s crudeness ahoy. But at its core, Transience is a romantic novel. Boy eventually meets girl, they hit it off, they make love, they fight, they make love again. And maybe, just maybe, they end up together in the end.

So give it a chance. It’s good.




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