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Posted: June 7, 2014 in Self-publishing
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Yeah, I never expected to see a couple making out on one of my book covers, either.

Anyone who’s familiar with my previous work knows I tend to gravitate toward the dark side in my writing. Not full-on Voltaire or Nietzsche dark, but I do have my reservations regarding the human race. As a full-blooded human being myself, I feel I’m qualified to comment on such things. But I digress. As per usual.

My timeline for the release of The Transience of Youth accelerated a couple days ago when I discovered the perfect cover for it at The Cover Collection. It just so happens that the male lead in my humble tome is a young man working at a Pick-a-Part-type automobile graveyard in a desolate region of California. He’s also pursuing a young woman (Sarah) who looks a whole lot like the one featured above. Also, cars and aging are major themes throughout the story. So I guess I’m trying to say the cover fits.

Hey, B.P. What’s your new book really about?

Glad you asked, kid. Glad you asked. The Transience of Youth concerns the trials and tribulations of aspiring writer Steven Hansen. It seems he’s been unlucky in both love and living arrangements for the vast majority of his life. In an attempt to change this, he exploits a loophole in California’s legal code and finagles his way into a 55+ senior community. Shunned at first (and targeted by the community’s vengeful leasing agent [and its landscaping crew]), Steve reluctantly befriends bitter octogenarian George, former big-time Hollywood screenwriter and current curmudgeon. With George and Sarah’s help, Steve eventually realizes he may not have quite earned the right to live in the idyllic home of his dreams.

Hey, B.P., when is The Transience of Youth going to be available?

If the Writing Gods deem it so, June 13th, 2014. Yes, I realize it’s a Friday and am aware of all the bad stuff associated with that date. That said, I hope Jason Voorhes buys a million copies.




  1. TAWilliams says:

    Love the cover and the premise!
    Good luck my friend!

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