May After-Action Review

Posted: June 1, 2014 in Self-publishing
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My monthly AARs are starting to sound like broken records. Coincidentally, I broke a personal record in May by recording the fewest number of sales in a calender month since my foray into self-publishing began. On the plus side, I discovered a couple of sales from April via Apple (paid for in Australian Dollars!) that padded last month’s stats a little. So there’s hope yet.

Actually, I have a lot to look forward to as June continues. A full 40% of my May sales came during the last three days of the month. I’m not sure if that eleventh-hour surge had anything to do with the Smashwords coupon promotion I mentioned in a previous post, since all my known sales for May came from Amazon. However, the idea that folks could see a  tweet of mine, be intrigued enough to unleash their Google-fu, then decide to buy the Kindle copy of one of my books is pretty encouraging and humbling. As for the Smashwords promotion itself, I’m seeing about the same results I got last time — roughly 30 pageviews per tweet, regardless of the hashtag/trending topic I ride the coattails of. Again, I’ve seen a definite spike in free sample downloads, but no sales as of yet. But I’m crossing my fingers for some delayed sales through the ol’ Smashwords affiliates. There’s usually a healthy break between the time a sale’s made and when it’s reported.

Twitter. I still don’t have the complete hang of it, but it’s quickly becoming my go-to social media thing of choice. I try to avoid Spambot3000-ism by commenting on topics unrelated to writing; in my case, these topics include sports, music, movies, and comedy. Mostly sports. Hardly groundbreaking stuff, but I find I’m picking up followers whose main interests are (not surprisingly) sports, music, movies, and comedy. If they happen to be readers of post-apocalyptic, horror, and mainstream fiction, all the better. Diversity in your Twitter stream is always a good thing. Also, some of them folks happen to be really interesting people. I’ve attracted close to 800 followers so far (around 95% actual human people), which is awesome.

Going forward (to steal a corporate buzz-phrase I despise), my mid-year releases are looking like they may or may not happen. Sorry to be so ambiguous, but the odds of me finding the appropriate covers for the books for the appropriate price are looking more bleak every day. Still, the plan is for The Transience of Youth and I Like Mike to each be released by September.

As always, thanks to all who bought and/or read my books. See ya next month!



  1. TAWilliams says:

    You should check out Fiverr.Com . For about $10-$25 you might be able to find someone to make a cover that fits your book!

    • bpbroome says:

      I’ve checked them out before, and I think I’ll do so again. I found a great company that specializes in pre-made covers (The Cover Collection in the UK) who provided my first three covers. But at least two of my next three releases will need to be custom-made, I think.

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