Signal Fire Now Available!

Posted: March 4, 2014 in Self-publishing
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Well, the long wait (for me, anyway) is finally over, and Signal Fire is now available in ebook format at both Amazon and Smashwords!

Here’s the “official” description:

One by one, mysterious pink lights appear in seemingly random locations around the globe—in major metropolitan areas, in remote deserts, even deep beneath the surface of the Atlantic Ocean. While the world’s governments debate how to properly confront the lights, society grinds to a halt as frightened citizens take cover and await contact with the visitors.

Linguist Tom DeWitt and biophysicist Diane McKeenan are recruited by the United States government and tasked with uncovering the secrets surrounding the lights. Time is short, however, as the rest of the world grows increasingly hostile toward the invaders. Meanwhile, wounded soldier Travis Holton must contend with a transfer from the front lines to a desk job, then reacquaint himself with the faith he left behind a decade earlier, all while learning to walk again. Twelve-year-old Leo Simmons uses his blog to chronicle the disorder the lights’ arrival unleashes upon his hometown.

Along with the general “Oh crap, what are those lights going to do?” vibe that forms the basis of the story, I took a look at how different segments of society might react to a situation like this. While DeWitt and McKeenan (and their assistant, Reese, who steals a lot of the best lines) tackle the grunt work of discovering what the lights are and what the hell they’re doing here, Travis and his atheist wife, Petra (along with several billion other folks), are forced to reconsider their faith, or lack thereof, in light (Get it? Light?) of the events unfolding around them. I didn’t delve too heavily into the religious aspect of how proof of alien life would affect humanity, but hey, I had to address the proverbial pachyderm in the living quarters. While the adults are freaking out in a decidedly grown-up way, young Leo and his blog provide on-the-scene coverage of the lights’ effects on Main Street, USA.

Now, the stats:

Word count—95,240 (sez Smashwords)

Price: $2.99



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