Happy Signal Fire Eve!

Posted: March 3, 2014 in Self-publishing
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Just a quick update on Signal Fire‘s Tuesday, March 4th release…

It’s a go! The winter storm everyone was so worried about tracked south of here and only dropped a few inches of snow, so the tin cans and miles of ten-gauge string that constitute my internet connection are holding together just fine.

I formatted and uploaded the book to Amazon last night. Formatting and I don’t typically see eye-to-eye, but this time I got through the process with a minimum of yelling and hair-pulling. I checked it out in various Kindle preview forms, and it’s lookin’ pretty good. The plan is to hit the publish button late tonight and give Amazon the eight-to-twelve hours (in my previous experience, anyway) it needs to perform its hoodoo voodoo magic and make my book available for sale. Then I’ll upload to Smashwords tomorrow morning, since new stuff seems to show up on their main site almost immediately.

I might mention Signal Fire again tomorrow…


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