February After-Action Review

Posted: March 1, 2014 in Self-publishing
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In a word, yeesh.

Okay, that isn’t entirely true. Sales-wise, I had the worst showing of my three-month foray into self-publishing. My Cal Ripken, Jr.-esque streak of reaching double figures in novel sales came to a screeching, yet expected, halt. On the plus side, I sold my first book in Australia.

In my last AAR, I droned on and on ad nauseam about my need to go against my Luddite nature and delve deeper into social media. On that front, I succeeded (a little). Though I still suck egregiously at Twitter, I managed to double my number of followers this month. Phenomenal, you say? Hold your collective horses; I went from three to six. But I’m pretty sure four of them are actual humans. In all seriousness, though my list of followers is short, it contains some impressive individuals. Thanks, folks. I’ve also become more active at Absolute Write, scored a guest blog spot, and managed to noticeably increase traffic to this web log thing.

I’ve scoured the interwebs for information on how to, as a dirt-poor self-publishing author, market oneself and increase book sales for, oh, seven years or so. The consensus among successful writers seems to be to publish another book. Makes sense to me. Therefore, I’m releasing my second novel, Signal Fire, on March 4th, in the hope that this theory holds true. I was actually planning to release it around this time anyway, but it does seem as though Amazon sales take a tumble off the cliff right around the 90-day mark. I believe that’s related to their “New Release” category. Or maybe it’s some crazy algorithm I’m not privy to.  Or maybe it’s [insert conspiracy theory of your choice here]. Or maybe I need to improve as a writer.

I’m proud of Signal Fire. It’s probably my best novel, even though I’m as attached to A World Gone Gray as anyone else is to their first love. I’ll likely post a time or two more before the thing’s released, so stay tuned if you’re so inclined.


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