Signal Fire Release Still A Go, Weather Permitting

Posted: February 26, 2014 in Self-publishing
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Two things happened today that made me wax nostalgic for southern California, the temperate chunk of real estate that priced me out of its warm embrace a few years back: the Dodgers played (and lost) their first spring training game of the season, and my local (Indianapolis) news station of choice led off its broadcast with a weather story for approximately the eight-billionth day in a row.

I was both a news and a weather geek (along with many other forms of geek) growing up in SoCal. Unfortunately, the weather part of my geekdom was starved 99% of the time. To paraphrase Fritz Coleman (+1 to anyone who knows who I’m typing about), “Today’s regional forecast calls for partly cloudy skies—one north of Santa Barbara, and one just outside Phoenix.” Hey-O! But seriously, folks. The weather in the Midwest and Northeast has been ridiculous this winter. If it wants to stop sucking anytime soon, I’m totally onboard with that. Which brings me to Signal Fire‘s release next Tuesday.

This winter, I’ve learned that my internet connection hates snow and ice and wind. I do too, so we have that in common. The last time a major storm passed through, I lost internet for about half a week. That’s unfortunate, but I’m guessing the 30,000 or so souls who lost electricity over the same time period want to punch me in the face right about now. Understandable.

What I’m very clumsily trying to say is that a storm is headed here this weekend, and there’s a decent (let’s call it 50-50) chance I won’t be able to upload Signal Fire in time for its scheduled March 4 release. In the grand scheme of things, this means approximately nothing. Hell, I haven’t even told my family or friends I’m publishing it yet. But on the off-chance someone out there is expecting my book to be available on Tuesday and it isn’t, I’ll feel like a first-class heel.

Being the resourceful (and obsessive, and neurotic) person I am, I’ve come up with a couple of back-up plans should Mother Nature give the Midwest a taste of the back of her hand yet again. If the forecast still looks particularly dire (i.e., lots-o-ice) by March 1st, I’ll go ahead and upload that night, then wait for the rescue crews find my frozen body two weeks later. If it looks like a pure snow event, I’ll tough it out and hope my internet connection (or the one at the nearest FedEx Office, anyway) is intact on the 4th and press the upload button.

For some reason, I was really looking forward to a Tuesday release. When I was younger, my favorite bands would release their albums (remember those?) on Tuesdays, and I thought it would be cool to do the same with Signal Fire. Hopefully, the weather will permit me to continue along this nostalgic path I’ve been finding myself on this week.


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