Drum Roll, Please…!

Posted: February 22, 2014 in Self-publishing
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Ta da!

Here’s the cover for my soon-to-be released second novel, Signal Fire. Like A World Gone Gray, it’s an apocalyptic story presented in alternating chapters. The scope is more global, however, as the action bounces from Washington, D.C. to Frankfurt, Germany, to the Australian Outback and points beyond. Meanwhile, my characters use television and the Internet (while they last, anyway) to monitor the goings-on in the rest of the world as the fecal matter proceeds to hit the oscillating cooling device.

As with my first novel and my short story compilation, I purchased Signal Fire‘s cover as a pre-made design from UK-based The Cover Collection. I needed a minor alteration this time (an enhancement of the pink flame in the center of the cover), and Debbie was able to add it for just a few extra bucks. Even before I committed to buying the cover, I asked if she could make the change and how much it would cost me. Instead of a curt no or yes and a price estimate, I got an email with six (!) different designs. On top of that, she pulled the cover from her website so nobody else could claim it. Let me reiterate that neither a cent nor a pence had changed hands at this point. Needless to say (but I’ll say it anyway), I’m thrilled with all of my covers and I highly recommend The Cover Collection to anyone seeking professional-grade covers and customer service at an incredibly reasonable price.

I spent a few hours this afternoon obsessively poking at Signal Fire, doing the things that neurotic writers do like transposing words that have nothing to do with plot or pacing or character development, and changing the name of a fictional band from The Astral Albacore to The Ephemeral Fish. Next up, my kryptonite. Formatting.

In my last post, I announced that the release date is March 4th. I might mention that one or fifty more times over the next couple of weeks.


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