I’m Back In The Less-Than-Ergonomic Chair Again

Posted: February 14, 2014 in Self-publishing
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Okay, I admit it doesn’t have the same ring to it as the Gene Autry classic does, but a pretty big thing happened to me this week. I started writing again.

You probably think it’s odd for a guy with a blog that’s mainly about self-publishing to not be an active writer. You’re right. For a countless number of reasons, I sidelined my literary pursuits over two years ago. Life circumstances (including a job transfer and a switch to an off-shift) and plain ol’ fed-up-ness with the write-submit-wait…wait…wait routine conspired to silence my muse. I managed to cobble together a short story (“Itch,” which actually turned out pretty good and ended up leading off my short story collection) and about fifty pages of a novel (currently trunked and waiting for someone to translate it into first person), but other than that, I’ve limited my writing to the occasional email to Mom and this here blog. Until Tuesday.

I’ve had five or six solid novel ideas bouncing around my brain over the past couple of years, and this past Tuesday I finally got up ridiculously early, put some coffee on, whined and complained to myself while said coffee brewed, then eventually sat in my chair and placed my fingers on my computer’s keyboard. An hour and a half later I had…177 decidedly mediocre words, “Chapter 1” included. This was a distressing development to me, as I spent most of 2007-2010 averaging about 1,500 words during my two allotted hours (3:30-5:30am, M-F) before work. Clearly, I have some rust to knock off before I’m that prolific again. On the bright side, I’ve written four days in a row now. The results are meager word-count-wise and most of those words will go bye-bye during the editing process anyway. But hey, I’d like to think I’m on my way back to steadily churning out fiction of questionable merit.


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