January After-Action Review

Posted: February 1, 2014 in Self-publishing
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It’s February 1st, which means it’s both Groundhog Day Eve and Super Bowl Eve. It’s also time to take a look back at Life in Self-Publishingland, January Edition.

It was a pretty slow month sales-wise (aren’t they all?), but I did manage to reach double figures with A World Gone Gray and sell a handful of my short story collection. As always, many thanks to those who bought my books!

Social media-wise, I sucked. I’d hoped to update this here web log once or twice a week and obviously failed. It would be easy to blame weather-related internet outages and the winter blahs (similar to but not quite the same as SO-BAD), so I’ll go ahead and do that. But seriously, folks, I need to work on social media and promotion in general. I’m aiming for six blog posts in February, and I’m going to work on getting more involved on Twitter. Easier said than done on the Twitter front, as my internet options consist of a desktop computer and a smartphone with a 3G connection (sometimes) and an onscreen keypad that Derek Zoolander thinks is way too small. Twitter seems to be best utilized on a mobile device; the most entertaining conversations/streams of thought I see are from people who are traveling, sight-seeing, etc., and sharing their pictures and videos.

Distribution-wise, I finally got around to uploading my books to Smashwords last weekend. It takes a week or two for new titles to show up on the various websites, so my books are only available at Smashwords itself and Barnes & Noble as of this writing. By the way, how awesome is B&N’s “Nook for Web” ebook reader? If Amazon wanted to steal develop a reader exactly like it and then apply it to all of their sites both foreign and domestic, I wouldn’t complain.

Obligatory Super Bowl Prediction: As a early ’90s Buffalo Bills 49ers fan, it pains me to say…Seattle 23, Denver 16. The Seahawks’ defense will be too much for Manning in the cold.


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