First Month After-Action Review

Posted: December 21, 2013 in Self-publishing
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Well, today marks the one-month point of my foray into self-publishing. I came into this thing with what I thought were reasonable goals—I hoped to average one sale a day for my novel, A World Gone Gray, and to sell a handful of copies of my short story collection, Like Life Itself. Thanks to five awesome people who bought AWGG over the past two days, I managed to meet both of those goals. Woo hoo!

I’m glad I made the decision to self-publish. For one thing, I quintupled the revenue from my seven-year writing career in the space of thirty days. Okay, that stat isn’t quite as impressive when you crunch the actual numbers, but hey, it’s something. More importantly, this experience has given me just a little bit of personal validation. Not counting purchases made by friends and family, approximately 25 people in Internetland stumbled across my books on Amazon, read the free samples, then decided to exchange their hard-earned cash for my work. That’s just awesome. Especially considering I have no reviews for either book yet, and nobody knows who I am. It’s nice to see folks taking a chance on me. Sincere thanks to all of you!

Like most aspiring writers, I’m dirt poor. I spent a total of around $85 on two pre-made covers that I love (The Cover Collection, ask for Debbie). Then I spent around five days alternating between formatting my books and banging my head against my computer monitor. Thankfully, the advent of the flat-screen saved me from a nasty concussion; my old CRT monitor would’ve rendered me incapable of typing this post. Anyhoo, the $85 is the only monetary investment I’ve made so far. The only advertising I’ve done is a one-time Shameless Facebook Plug that yielded five or so sales. All editing was done (obsessively) by me over the time-frame of from three weeks ago to seven-plus years ago.

Enough with the chit-chat, Broome. How much money did you make?

Yeah, it’s all about the bottom line, isn’t it? All told, my first month in self-publishing yielded enough cash to cover my covers and provide me with a celebratory six-pack. Assuming Amazon’s check doesn’t bounce.

  1. Congrats, Brother Broome, on a terrific start to your self-publishing career. Selling a book a day is a remarkable feat for an unknown, self-pubbed writer who is just starting to build an audience. My partner and I started a similar gig over three years ago and we’re still struggling to find readers. I wish you all good luck!

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