The British Are Buying! The British Are Buying!

Posted: December 14, 2013 in Self-publishing
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Well, I can’t say for sure whether it’s the British, the Irish, the Scottish, or the Welsh, but a couple of fine folks (or one super-fine individual) in the U.K. with impeccable taste in fiction have (has) purchased one copy each of my novel and my short story collection. Woo hoo! I recently dropped the price of Like Life Itself: Ten Short Stories to $0.99 in the hopes it would sell a few more copies and draw attention to A World Gone Gray. I’m not sure if that strategy worked, but the sale of the novel came right on the heels of the sale of the short collection, shortly after I dropped the price. Could be coincidence, could be I’m a marketing genius. Personally, my money’s on the former.

Strangely enough, the first three sales of AWGG back in November went one each to the U.S., the U.K., and Canada. Coincidentally, America and the U.K. seem to be the only two countries in which the “Look Inside” feature is available to customers browsing ebooks on Amazon. I’d like to think a peek at the first seven chapters of my novel or the entire first short story in my collection might convince a potential buyer to take a chance on an unknown, self-published author. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be an option in countries like Australia, India, Japan, and others that have a large English-speaking population and/or are home to American military personnel. It seems as though both authors and Amazon are losing money due to what should be a laughably easy addition to the existing foreign web sites.

I’m now going to step down from my soapbox and make an impassioned plea to the Land Down Under. Here, Australia, are five valid reasons why you should buy my books:

1) I know you can’t see them, but trust me, they’re pretty good.

2) I share a surname with a town on your beautiful nation’s northwestern coast.

3) I myself have helped support Australia’s economy with regular purchases of imported Sheaf Stout at my local liquor store.

4) I paid to see the films of both Paul Hogan and Yahoo Serious while growing up in the 1980s.

5) I absolutely adore noted Australian actress Nicole Kidman. Always have. In 2005, she starred in a film called The Interpreter. I enjoyed it for the obvious reasons, but it received mixed reviews. The name of the character that lovely Australian actress played? Silvia Broome.

I’m not saying it’s fate, Australia. But yeah, it’s fate.

  1. It was probably Prince Harry.

    • bpbroome says:

      It may well have been. If so, I hope he enjoyed it. If he didn’t, I hereby offer him a full refund. In pounds sterling. Not those nasty American dollars.

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