You Never Forget Your First, Part Deux

Posted: December 3, 2013 in Self-publishing
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When last we met, I’d finished the first draft of A World Gone Gray and was ready to select the lucky literary agent who would be granted the honor of representing both it and its humble creator. This is also known as “the querying process.” Unfortunately, the first agent to request chapters (after 25 or so had ignored me or sent form rejections) wasn’t impressed enough to ever have contact with me again. I had better luck with the next two: One sent me a signed form rejection 14 months later, and the other was kind enough to add a handwritten note to his form rejection, apologizing for taking 18 months to get back to me.

Thanks to my diligent research, I was prepared for the unlikely event that the literary and film worlds might not shower my book with praise and millions of dollars. So while I was awaiting those pending AWGG queries, I did what aspiring writers do. I writted. By the time that record-breaking 18-monther arrived via three-legged turtle, I had polished off three more novels and a heapin’ helpin’ of short stories. One of those stories even got picked up by An Actual Paying Market.

More research (yeah, I’m inquisitive) yielded two more facts: 1) It was now 2012, and 2) This self-publish-your-ebook thing seems like it might be an option. One thing about me, I’m impatient. In fact, I’ve been known to heckle my own microwave when I think it’s taking too long to cook my Hot Pocket. So clearly, this waiting a year and a half to hear from a literary agent thing would make my heart pop like a zit by the time I turned 43. Another thing is that I’m a total Luddite. I got my first DVD player (which I still have) in 2000, and got my first email address (which I still have) in 2003. Not surprisingly, I was a little conflicted about publishing my book on Amazon, 70% royalty or no 70% royalty.

SPOILER ALERT: I ended up publishing A World Gone Gray on Amazon. So far, formatting issues aside, it’s been a fun experience. I’ve already gone the same route with my short story collection, and will likely do so with my other post-apocalyptic book. I have a couple of (hopefully) humorous mainstream contemporary novels that need a little tweaking, but they’ll probably both end up on Amazon, too. So if you happen to bump into them during your travels, give ’em a look. And preferably, a buy.


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