Welcome To The Party, Pal

Posted: November 24, 2013 in Self-publishing
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After years and of writing and editing and failing to sell my own works, I recently decided to go the self-publishing route and make my books and short stories available on Amazon. No, I’m not the first person to do this; a million or so other writers have had the same brilliant idea over the past half-decade or so.

Some caveats: I have no beef with any publishing format—digital, print, hologram, or otherwise. I have no delusions of out-selling Rowling or King or Meyers or Collins. In fact, if I make enough money to recoup the cost of my pre-made covers and half my monthly internet bill, I’ll do a happy dance. And if I make enough money to replace the pile of misfiring pistons and randomly deflating tires currently parked in my driveway, all the better.

A little about me. I’ve always loved the English language, always loved to write. I vaguely remember winning five bucks for writing a science fiction short story in fourth grade. Apparently, the combination of laughably limited fame and the sweet, ambrosia-like taste of cash sent the ol’ write-roots a-tunnelin’, and they made themselves at home deep in the recesses of my brain. Cool.

And I’m not delusional. At least I don’t think I am. A magazine editor paid cold, hard cash money for one of my short stories a few years ago. In the meantime, I’ve spent anywhere from 14 to 18 months waiting for a form rejection from literary agents who’d requested excerpts of my novels. That’s cool. They’re busy. I get it. No hate here.

Since I’m not one to sit on my hands or anybody else’s, I submitted a handful of my shorts to a handful of publications while I awaited the aforementioned agents’ replies. I didn’t get published, but I got a bunch of encouraging rejections. Enough to make me think I’m not completely nuts pursuing this writing thing.

I hope you’ll check in once in a while and take a gander at my humble blog. I intend to fill it with what I hope is useful information about independent writing. At the very least, I hope to fill it with words.

See ya’ll next time.


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